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Hi! My name is Lauren! I have Cystic Fibrosis and I will blog about whatever I feel like and everyday things that happen to me. I will try to post daily so keep coming back to check! Ask me whatever you want about my life and CF!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chirstmas Plans!

How is everyone doing?! Today I mostly sat around and video chatted with my best friend Alex :). You all know her. We are still video chatting as a matter of fact! We also watched the movie Superstar. It was really funny and I really enjoyed it, and so did Alex. It was the first time we had ever seen it! Right now I'm watching Alex make her mom's bed and earlier I was cleaning my room. Now I have to wait for the laundry currently being done to be done so that I can clean my clothes and sheets! I also have to vacuum my room and de-clutter which I have done mostly. My room was really messy and it was about time that I clean it! I really don't want to go back to school but I'm excited for Christmas! I can't believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow!! I am going to go to church at 8:00pm with my family and hopefully the mass won't be too long! My Aunt, Uncle, and cousin are also coming over for dinner so I am going to dress up and it will be fancy!! I'm pretty sure I know what I am going to wear! Today, the same Aunt that is coming found out that her half brother passed away. It is really sad but I know that he is with God now, even if he had some issues of his own. We all do. My prayers are with him and will be with God tomorrow night at mass. I hope my Aunt is still able to enjoy the holidays this season. I love her and hope she is doing good. She is strong. I hope you all have a really nice holiday season. Goodnight everyone! :)

Laurennn <3

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