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Hi! My name is Lauren! I have Cystic Fibrosis and I will blog about whatever I feel like and everyday things that happen to me. I will try to post daily so keep coming back to check! Ask me whatever you want about my life and CF!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Botanical Gardens!

YAYYYY!!! Christmas Break officially began today!
Tonight my friends Maddy, Rachel, and I all went to see the Botanical Gardens and eat gelato in Bellevue Square! It was so much fun, although it probably wasn't the best idea to wear dresses because it was really cold. If you don't know what the Botanical Gardens are, they are a garden full of donated Christmas lights that volunteers go to help turn into beautiful flowers and trees and even animals. We saw a Loc Ness Monster made completely out of Christmas lights that someone said it took 200 hours for volunteers to build. I was amazed! 
I wonder what it looks like during the day! (not good I suppose)
2 of our friends were planning on coming with us but they decided to ditch us for someone else which made us pretty mad. I, fortunately, confronted them about it and it is settled now so we can be at peace with our treaty. Just kidding we aren't nations lol, although right now in senior issues we ARE doing Model UN! Wooo! Damn I shouldn't think about school on break! It is sooo hard... just clear your mind Lauren, you crazy Bafoon....

Anyway, here are some pictures from the Botanical Gardens!
Sorry, the one of us is blurry!


  1. :) I'm so glad you liked it! haha you confronted them?! Deats please!

  2. Thankksssss guyssss and Ya I did! Its all good now!